Mountain Girl Outdoors specializes in outdoor lifestyle opportunities for women. 

We strive to provide a safe, non-judgmental, non-intimidating environment where women can come together in an encouraging, female-friendly environment with like-minded people while they learn and discover new outdoor lifestyle skills or participate in those they already enjoy. 

As a female, it can be overwhelming or scary to participate in or take on a new activity that is known or perceived as male dominated.  Let’s face it, male and females typically have different learning styles and/or environments.  Our goal is to provide supportive female, adult-learning centered instruction and activities that build skills, confidence, and empowerment.  We believe this will help women become more comfortable in the outdoors, encouraging them to become engaged and involved with their families in new or current outdoor activities.  Ultimately bringing families together, building stronger bonds, keeping them together and increasing the number of people involved in the outdoors.  All while fellowshipping, making new friends and having fun with other women.

Our lead instructors have a combined 60+ years experience in all aspects of canine search and rescue, with numerous more years of experience in fire fighting (both stuctural and wildland), emergency medicine, veterinary technology, adult education, emergency preparedness, hunting, fishing, camping, and many other activities.  They also are certified instructors in pistol, rifle, shotgun, and Refuse To Be a Victim and range safety officers through the NRA and North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permit Training Instructors.  Planning for classes, get togethers, trips or treks is not new to them either.  They have been planning activities like these for just as many years on a small scale for just a couple of people, all the way up to large conferences for 200 or more people on local and national levels.  So there is no trip or trek too big or small for them to help you with.

So, if you have ever wanted to learn more about an outdoor activity or skill, join the guys, your family, or friends in the outdoors and just didn’t know how or where to get started, give us a try.​

All ages welcome.  If you are planning a party, big or small, or a get together for the girls, we can tailor an outing or class to meet your needs. 

Some restrictions may apply depending on laws or other restrictions.

Education.  Exploration.  Empowerment.

Friends.  Fellowship.  Fun.