Mountain Girl Outdoors
Outdoor Education and Adventures Designed for Women
Mountain Girl Outdoors specializes in outdoor opportunities for women.
We strive to provide a safe, non-judgmental, non-intimidating environment where women can come together in an encouraging, female-friendly environment with like-mind people while they learn and discover new outdoor skills or participate in those they already enjoy.

Education.  Exploration.  Empowerment.

Friends.  Fellowship.  Fun.

We offer instruction in a wide range of outdoor activities by certified and highly knowledgeable instructors.  All instructors are supportive, patient, encouraging, and are in tune to their students’ needs. We strive to take the anxiety and stress out of both the subject and learning process. One of our greatest strengths is working with those that are new to firearms in a safe and pressure free environment.
MGO is known for our female only classes as well as our classes for couples.  We also offer some co-ed classes; however, we have found that classes with only girls tends to be less intimidating and most women prefer to learn with other women with the same experience level which provides a more social atmosphere. Our couples’ classes help to set up a support system at home even when they leave class and eliminate the challenge of one partner instructing the other. 
To see a list of classes and descriptions, click on READ MORE.  Check our CALENDAR to see if we are offering something that interests you. If you have a special request or see something that you would like to take but can’t fit into your schedule, please let us know through our CONTACT page.  We offer flexible scheduling and will work with you to fit what you want into your busy schedule by offering classes during the day, nights, and weekends and will break classes into multiple sessions.  Let us know how we can accommodate you .

Dry Fire Practice Before the "REAL" Shot (So No "Eyes")

Get Togethers and Trip Assistance
Are you looking for a place to hold a party or get together for the girls or an outdoor activity for a group? Are you looking for that special or perfect girls weekend or week long get together? Are you planning a hike or trip and need assistance with details like equipment pick up/drop off, routes or hotel arrangements?  Are you going to be tired of camp food and want a catered or in camp cooked meal for a change of pace? 

Try one of our classes, trips or treks.  We can schedule something specific for you and your group.  Just let us know what, when and where.  MGO can take care of all of the details, whether it is for an hour or two or an entire week. Let us supply the instructors and/or guides, facility and supplies to meet your needs, food arrangements, and help with the decor. Tell us what you are interested in doing and where you want to go and we'll take care of the arrangements for you.  Whether it is a small part of your trip or the entire event we can help you with the plans and do the leg work.  Click on READ MORE for more information.  Please let us know how we can assist you through our CONTACT page.
For the girls only, MGO offers scheduled activities, treks and trips in a wide range of outdoor activities at least once a month with highly knowledgeable guides.  All guides, just like our instructors, are supportive, patient, encouraging, and are in tune to the attendees' needs.  Also like our classes, we strive to take the anxiety and stress out of the event by handling the planning for you.  All you have to do is sit back, relax and participate.  Comfort and safety are always a priority and taken into consideration. 

Please join us on one of our outdoor adventures. You never know when you will make new friends or reconnect with old ones while fellowshipping with like-minded ladies or learn something new while having fun doing it. To see a list of possible activities, treks and trips and descriptions, click on READ MORE.  Check our CALENDAR to see what we are offering and when. If you have a special request, please let us know through our CONTACT page.
More... Private Instruction and Shopping
Do you want to get involved in the great outdoors and feel like you need one on one help or feel uncomfortable in a large group setting?  We offer individual and small group instruction and guiding services.  Anything that we offer as a large group we can tailor to an individual or small group. 

When it comes to equipment, are you having trouble with where to start looking?  Are you struggling with what kind of equipment you need or want?  Do you need help finding something specific?  Would you like to try before you buy?  MGO can help with all of that too.  We offer private consultation for clients by accompanying them on shopping trips or will do the shopping for you as a personal shopper.  We can also provide pre-purchase price comparison, product research, rentals, and loaners.  Again taking the stress out of the adventure for you by taking on the undesirable parts and leaving the fun parts to you.  Please let us know how we can assist you through our CONTACT page.
  1. Phone Number Change
    June 30
    Phone Number Change
    Our Phone Number Is Changing On June 30th. New Phone Number (828) 246-9101
  2. Custom Shooting Targets
    Custom Shooting Targets
    Let Mountain Girl Outdoors build you a custom shooting stand. They are easy to assemble, light and easy to move or transport. They are also weather resistant (made out of PVC) and wind resistant (large base for secure standing). Sand bags or pegs can be added for additional stability on those REALLY windy days or uneven ground. Prefect for all of your outdoor handgun and rifle paper target needs from adjustable width single/multi target stands to swing, pop-up, or rotating dropper targets. See our SHOP page for more details.
  3. July Classes
    July 15-31
    July Classes
    15 NC CCH Class 17-19 NC CCH Class 20 Home Firearm Safety and AG&AG: GNO 21 Orientation to Camping 22 Clays and Cider Outing 24 Orientation to Land Navigation and GPS 25-26 Refuse to Be a Victim 27 Orientation to Rifle Shooting 28 Orientation to Outdoor Photography 29 NC CCH Class 31 Orientation to Fly Fishing Check back often to our CALENDAR to see what we are offering next.